Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Painting, "Wings to Fly"

30" x 40"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
Original is Avaialble
Fine Art Giclee Prints Available Here

The Pegasus, or winged horse, is a symbol of aspiring to the greatest heights of accomplishment. They embody the concept of harnessing spiritual energy. Grounded by the stability of its body, yet in flight by the ephemeral power of its wings, Pegasus stands for clarity of mind, and how clean mental focus combined with stable footing can transform our lives in magical ways.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Buy Art?

I Was Made to Love You
Fine Art Giclee Prints available here

Why buy art?

If you're asking, you're missing the point. 
Art's power and usefulness isn't solely on a conscious level.
Art is like gravity; it works on you whether you understand it or not
and your belief isn't required either. Art can be practical and useful; art helps you. 
Art is meant to be interactive; it is meant to be USED
and is not just something mindlessly decorative.
Art doesn't have to match the couch.

A useful fact is that looking at art forces your mind to be SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Even if you only look at art for 10 SECONDS,  this is often enough to completely
change your present orientation. 
Looking away from anything for a full 10 seconds, no peeking,
can rest your mind sufficiently so that when you look back, you immediately see 
what you missed before.
Changing your orientation , even for 10 seconds,  helps you see what you missed, 
can head off depression, help break bad habits, 
calm your temper, help you feel better and help you see and think more clearly.

Because art affects us primarily in a subliminal way, through symbols,
we can use art to help us make constructive changes.
For example, how many of your New Year's resolutions did you keep?
Art can help. For example, think symbolically and buy a pink piggy bank. 
Chubby pig symbols help you conserve, on money and calories. 
The piggy helps because it is already chubby;
it is symbolic of the RESULTS of having enough. As a symbol, it reminds us of bounty,
and subconsciously,  when we are around it, 
we have less need to indulge, either by spending too much or eating too much.
Remember, belief is not required.

That's one example of how artistic symbols can work as reminders.
Art can be also used in OPPOSITION to any situation that is blocking you,
in a COMPLEMENTARY way, and thus it can help you solve problems.  
Artistic symbols have been known under many names, some of which are totems, guards, and spells.
By consciously buying art that reminds you of your goal's reward,
and keeping that picture hanging in front of you, 
in your face, where you can see it all the time, 
helps you stay focused on your goals and on your rewards
every time you look at it. 

Buy art that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.
Pieces that "stretch" your comfort level won't bore you in a couple of years 
because they symbolize future progress.
By comparing where you are now to where you're headed, 
you may feel a little uncomfortable around the art,  at first.

Likewise, you may be tired of a  painting after only a couple of years.
But it's a good idea to wait before selling it. Why?
Think: are you the same person now as when you bought it?  Changes
in you, and in your life, likewise change your need for symbols.  
Pieces need rest, just like us.  If you're tired of a piece, put it away
for a couple of years, and give it time to rest.  
Surprisingly, the piece can often appear fresh again, after a time.
It's not that the piece grew boring;  it's more likely that you grew,  into a new perspective. 

Choose art images that inspire, calm, captivate and intrigue you, 
confuse, offer escape, and above all, choose images and symbols that ARE NOT BORING.  
Keep them around you and use as needed.
In seconds, art can change your attitude for the better , flood you with energy,  and free 
up your psyche to find new solutions to old dilemmas.
A picture is worth a thousand words; it doesn't require a prescription, 
and nourishes your soul.
Let Me Come and Be Still in Your Silence
Fine Art Giclee Prints Available Here


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