Friday, October 5, 2012

New Painting, You Brighten My Soul

New Painting
You Brighten My Soul
24" x 24"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

We have to breathe in order to stay alive, but only when we have love in our hearts are we alive in the truest sense.

My husband has been traveling this week, so I used the evening hours after the kiddos went to bed to finish up this painting. I was putting the last touches on it, and wondering what to call it, when at that moment a text message from a dear friend popped up.

"You brighten my soul"  was all it said.

Just seeing those words cracked my heart open, and I knew at that moment the painting's name. Surround yourself with those who brighten your soul and you will see the divine love and happiness that is within all of us mirrored back.  May your weekend be filled with a brightness that shines from within.  

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