Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks for a great night!

A big thank you to all my friends, collectors and new friends who came by the Blues Jean Bar in Snider plaza last night for the opening of my art show. There was an awesome turnout. I got to visit with some lovely people, sold some artwork and got my shop on (Looking forward to breaking out the new jeans and Dolce Vita top with Mr. D on our date night tomrw.) All in all a great night!

My paintings will be there on an ongoing basis so if you didn't make it by last night please mosey in to check them out. Last night's event went so well, Ashlee Medina, the sweet BJB Mgr., has asked me to show new works again in Winter 2011.  I didn't even flinch before giving her an enthusiastic yes!

ps. Sorry about the crummy photos...  was having so much fun chatting the night away I snapped some really quickly at the end.  As I always say, I'm a painter, not a photog...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Texas Style and Substance

I am a huge fan of Editor and local Style Maven Kristie Ramirez and her blog, Texas Style and Substance. Her musings about style, design and culture across the state help keep me current.  She  has an uncanny eye for all things chic, whether it's what to wear, where to stay, where to work out, or must-try activities.
          That's why I was stoked to have my artwork featured on her blog and so appreciate her helping spread word about my upcoming show this evening.
Speaking of, local friends please come out to the Blues Jean Bar tonight from 6-8. I will be featuring several new works. Along with cocktails and light bites, The Blues Jean Bar is offering a 15% discount on purchases that night.  So, you can get your shop on and perhaps take home a Gina Dunn original, like the one below which will be on display.  Sounds like a good time to me!
 "Forest of Dreams"
24" x 28"
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Robert Bridges

Today's feature highlights Colorado-based artist Robert Bridges, whose musings about the creative process are almost as interesting as the pictures he takes.

I introduce myself as Robert Bridges and wife and I  live and work in Durango, Colo.

Ph.D. in Psychology of Religion

Describe your work in one sentence.
I practice and teach photography as a sacred art.

Describe your normal day.  Arise, pee, greet wife, pet dog, meditate, drive to the office and my cubicle through breath-taking day-to-day scenery while playing my shaker to Van Morrison.  Explore the depths of some mortgage loan files for fraud and other nefarious things.  Drive home up to the coolness of fresh mountain air, home to smiling wife and tail wagging dog.  Walk dog.  Be present for and with the wife.   Read a story out loud to each other before turning out the lights.   My “ideal day” would be the same only I would drive to a garden instead of a cubicle.

What are your passions?  
Color!  The perceptions of and playfulness of color, which of course is light and it is energy and life!  I am much more passionate about life as an old coot than I ever was as a young buck.

What are your goals?  
I want to be able to say, at the end of my life, that I loved enough. In the meantime, I’d like to sell steadily and enough to spend less time in the box.

Who are your creative influences?  
The Rolling Stones, Paul, John, & George, Alan Watts, LSD,  Viet Nam war, TM, William James,  Carl Jung, Bernard Spilka, Minor White, Edward Weston,  Freeman Patterson and all those many souls doing beautiful, inspired work.

What motivates you on a daily basis? 
My age.  Realizing that life is an incredible adventure in which we never know what is going to arise next, and that being embodied here/now is a wondrous gift.  That and the understanding that none of us  can ever really know the moment in life when the truck won’t start no more.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fine Art Show at BJB

Dear Friends, 
I hope you can attend my art show this Thursday eveningI will be featuring several new works. Along with cocktails and light bites, The Blues Jean Bar is offering a 10% discount on purchases that night.  
Gina Dunn

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