Friday, January 20, 2012

Newly Commissioned Painting, "A Peace That Passes All Understanding"

24" x 36" x 1.5"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
Private collection of Caroline Pollock Peters, Houston Texas
Fine Art Giclee Prints Available here

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7 ESV)

God is always with us. This is what my client wanted to commemorate with a piece that will be hung in her entryway, so she and her family can be reminded that everything is for Him. After discussing ideas on color and composition via email, I was happy to bring her vision to life.  This will be my first piece going to Houston.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Wish They Made these Shoes in My Size

My daughter, 5 1/2, ran into my room yesterday, excitedly, yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! I tied my own shoes!" This is something she has been working on for months at home, so it was pretty big news around here. I took a picture to commemorate.

I was so happy for her, but immediately awash with acute awareness of how the days are flying past and she is growing before my eyes. It reminded me of the old adage, which I had come across on Twitter just recently: "The final job of teacher...student no longer needs the teacher." The same can be said for parenting. It is amazing to bear witness this slow unfolding. Bittersweet, indeed, but a process so full of love.

Wishing everyone a feeling of peace in this present moment, that today and every day you can stop see and feel the love that is all around you, that is in you, and be inspired.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Journey, Yoga Teacher Training

”Seeing is forgetting the name 
of the thing one sees. 
Robert Irwin


Today I begin Yoga Teacher Training.

I have been an Artist since I could hold a crayon in my chubby toddler hands,at least that's what my mother tells me. I have been practicing yoga since I became pregnant with my daughter 6 years ago, and in the past two years have deepened my practice. The benefits yoga has brought to my life have unfolded in ways I never dreamed. 

For years I ran competitively, logging lots of miles and medals, and I would chase that flow state, that being "in the zone" that always seemed to elude my Type A, chattering, insomniac brain.  I managed to capture glimpses of it, often, and briefly, but was left feeling depleted, a seesaw of highs and lows. I wondered why I ran so much. What was I running from?  It was an  activity I enjoyed initially as an escape from the hectic life of a working mother of very young children, but soon grew tired of the solitude and struggle to be better, faster, more.  I wanted a community; I wanted to stop competing.  I loved the physical outlet but craved something more nourishing emotionally.

Quieting the mind, which is one of the primary aims of yoga, through both physical poses and philosophy, was always my intent through my art. I never thought there was any other way to reach this state of equipoise other than through creating. Once I started deepening my yoga practice, all of a sudden the planets aligned. Through the practice of yoga I find I can achieve that same state for "flow", when ideas and presence and awareness are moving through you, your body is simply the vehicle. 

Now, in my 32 years, I finally feel whole. I am more present as a person, and as a mother. Less affected by the inevitable bumps in the road and the chaos of a full household. Each day, I wake up and practice, or paint, or write about the things I love, before my family starts stirring, and return to my children, anew. They see it in my eyes, in my smile. My husband knows it too, that's why he lovingly pitches in the lion's share when he's able let me pursue my passions.

Yoga brought balance to my life. Yoga is my art. My art is my yoga...they are one and the same. 

There's a Certain Peace That Comes With Surrender

I couldn't have articulated it better than my Colleague at Yoga Modern, Barbara Brady: "Art is not just a pretty pictureIt is the seeing, the true seeing (I don’t mean with the eyes) of the artist’s soul, and their way of communicating that seeing. Art, like yoga may be found in the most unexpected of forms, you just need to pay attention." 

I am called to share this with others. How, exactly? That part has not yet been revealed. But I know this is the right path. And sometimes that feeling of knowing is enough.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Human Nature

You don't really know human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around--and why his parents will always wave back. 
-William D Tammeus

Like the Lotus

24" x 24"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
Available, on display at The Blues Jean Bar Dallas
Giclee prints available online here
‎"Like the lotus, you experience three primary stages of evolution. The first is marked by ignorance and darkness, when you lie below the dense mud - a closed chyrsalis - which, by nature of existence, will eventually be pulled upwards by the warmth of the Sun. 

The second is exemplified by the climb through the clouded waters of your emotional experience, yet still the flower reaches to the Sun, knowing no other destiny ... no other purpose. T

he third brings full illumination in the splendour of the light. The lotus flower blossoms, baring its exquisite beauty to all those who are aware, enough to recognise God unfolding." ~ Patricia Cori

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other Creative Souls: Dallas' Linda Bourgault

As a creative person, it fascinates me to discover what makes other like-minded souls tick. Check out the work of Dallas Artist Linda Bourgault. Linda has an uncanny knack to manifest grace and gentle wisdom in all of her work, whether it be painting or photography. She is fantastically prolific. We will be showing work together this Saturday night at Kettle Art Gallery during the ArtHash exhibition
If you're local, come check out some amazing artwork by 50+local artists and what's sure to be a night that will leave you with some stories to tell...

Name/Location:  Linda Bourgault, Design District, Dallas, Texas

Education: Art, Southern State College, Magnolia, Arkansas
                  Radio/TV/Film, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Hometown: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Tell me about your work in one sentence. 
I live to create and create to live!

Describe your normal day.
What's normal???

My day begins with meditation, eating a healthy breakfast, write morning pages, take care of business, emails/social networking, and phone calls, work in my studio a minimum of four hours, but usually 8 - 10 hours, and often times much longer... as long as the muse stays with me I keep going. I take breaks along the way, but if everything is flowing I keep painting, shooting or processing images. I make time for friends and family... meet for lunch or do something different so life never gets dull and recharge my batteries. I don't do boring worth a damn!

What are your passions? Art, nature (water whether oceans, lakes or rivers), cinematography, exploring, learning, living authentically, imagination, people (their stories/life experiences) and helping others. I'm dedicated to helping others to help themselves, especially to tap into their creativity which enhances everyone's life whether you a child, adult, CPA, engineer, artist or homemaker.

What are your goals? To be self sustaining as an artist and photographer;
 continue exploring my fascination with visual poetry as an intuitive and emotional response to imagery in form and materials; develop national/international gallery representation, solo exhibits; continue formal study & training; participate with a trade only gallery and/or interior designers; continue to explore and learn from the rhythms and sensuality offered in nature; develop and offer creative workshops; donate art to charities; join or establish a non-profit organization promoting creative enrichment for youth and adults and to share my vision of 'visual poetry' and how it enhances ones life.

Who are your creative influences?  Photographers: Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Scot Miller, Alfred Steiglitz, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Dan Burkholder and Jan Skulpin-Burkholder  Artists:  Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Billy Keen. Architecture: Goudy and Frank Lloyd Wright.

How do you set the table for your muse? Show up every day to do the work. I always listen and move to music when I paint. Sometimes I sit quietly for awhile just musing or take a walk... I need the organic 'connection' which takes me away from my work and then reconnects me to it. Call it a filtering process that removes mental debris which opens me up further to remaining in the 'now.' This is what helps keep me grounded and focused and frees my imagination.
Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what you do?
How much time do we have? Maybe I should write a book...
There are so many people and experiences that have impacted my life ranging from tragedy to ecstasy as well as the simple to the complex in daily life.

My family... especially my Mom and Dad instilled love along with responsibility, accountability and appreciation for nature. My late husband... always do your best, trying isn't good enough, persistence and tenacity pay off, and integrity. My Uncle Bob... encouraged me to read, learn and explore. I learn something from someone or something every day.

Is there anyone who you really look up to as an inspiration?
Celebrity or the 
expression coined by Andy Warhol, who said in 1968 that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." isn't what I'm drawn to. Although I recognize it as having a strong influence in western society and it's troubling ramifications. I'm much more interested in substance and sustainability as an artist and an inhabitant of our planet.
The kind of people I find to be inspiring are those who practice persistence and tenacity, creativity, use their imaginations, dreamers, visualizers such as Mary Colter, Julia Cameron, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Worrell, Maya Angelou and Steve Jobs.

What motivates you on a daily basis?
My intense need, passion really, to tap the creative energy I've had building within me for so long...  shooting and painting are the vehicles for utilizing this energy to create (art)! I also need to put food on the table and that's a HUGE motivator for me.

I do indulge daily in French roast coffee and a piece of dark chocolate. I call it my 'breakfast of champions' since I can't get my motor runnin' without it.

What's your working style?
When I'm shooting I keep working until I've captured the imagery I need. That can be as short as an hour or much longer depending upon whether I'm shooting for myself or for a client plus other variables. It's the same with processing images.

When I'm painting I block out a minimum of four hours at one go, but I prefer to block out an entire day or days totally dedicated to painting whenever possible... it just flows much better that way. Of course, there's always other things that need doing, so I take time for business and personal activities. Even though I do my best to maintain a regular schedule, whenever I'm 'in the moment' I keep going until I'm tired. So I may be up all night, work until mid morning and then sleep during the afternoon... it just depends .

What are your websites/social networking links?


Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Friends, 

This Valentine's Day, I invite you to ignore all the commercial marketing of the season and select a truly personal gift--an original painting--that expresses your genuine affection. I have started early this year creating a series of artwork which especially fits this occasion, paintings that come straight from the heart and illustrate love in its purest, most organic sense.

These paintings are created using acrylic and mixed media, and each one has a particular love story, song or sentiment which inspired it. Paintings are highly textured, containing multiple layers of handwritten love letters, parchment paper and mixed media collage. They are fully wired and painted on all sides so there is no need to frame. 


I am also able to create custom commission works featuring any personal handwritten notes, love letters, or lyrics to special songs that you would like to present to your loved one in a truly unique way, as long as you place your order to me by January 31. 

I have several in stock, please email me or visit my website to see more pictures.

Sizes range from 8" x 8" to 11" x 14". My hope is for these paintings to be affordable gifts, so they are priced between $95 and $195. Original 8" x 10" or 10" x 10" love-themed giclee prints are also available online here. 

For more details or to purchase, please contact me at Thank you for looking!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take What You Need

Have you heard of Guerilla Goodness? It's a movement whose mission is to spread intentional, anonymous acts of kindness performed in playful, creative ways.

It is the power of kindness and joy coming alive for all involved, both the giver and recipient. It’s discovering something about yourself and the world that changes everything, it is about believing and standing in kindness.

My dear friend, philanthropist extraordinairre Angee Webb heads up the Dallas Chapter, and she had this crazy amazing idea.... a "Take What You Need" flyer:

Fine Art Giclee Prints available here
She took my original painting, above, and turned it into something way more fabulous and spiritually uplifting than I 
could have conceived alone.  A flyer meant to be shared anonymously and remind people that a simple act can help them access the well of goodness inside them.  

This flyer below is meant to be printed out and shared. The words at the bottom are meant to be taken and torn off as needed, little notes to nourish and uplift. We are on a mission to paper Dallas with these puppies!

Here's a note from Angee herself on what to do with this:

"Since it’s a new year many of us are looking for changes, improvements and things to work on….or at least I am! 
I’ve attached a picture. Basically it’s a piece of paper, like an ad that you’d see on community bulletin boards for those seeking a service or selling something. This one, instead, says “take what you need” and the strips of paper you’d normally tear off with the sellers info on it, is instead is what you may need for 2012. For example they have, hope, courage, forgiveness, love, laughter, peace of mind etc. 

I’m the kind of person who saves fortunes, quotes, cards and anything that seems like a sign to me. I am going to make my own and will be keeping copies with me in my car. The next time I’m in Starbucks, the gym, Whole Foods or anywhere I think it might be needed, I will pin it for those seeking to find! If you like this you can do this yourself or if you want a copy of the template I make to just print out let me know and I will send it to you!
Fun, simple and helpful! If I saw this one attached some place today I would probably pull the “courage” strip and keep it with me so that I’m reminded on what I’m working on daily!"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unfiltered. Uninhibited. Unrated.

Kettle Art presents
ArtHash Open Salon Show
Opening Reception with the Artists: January 14th 7PM
Kettle Art in Deep Ellum 
2714 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226
Free, open to the public.

When a group of artists began hashing gallery politics and the limitations often presented by juried shows, the artists did what they do best. They stepped outside the lines. They reached outside the box, and they came up with an original idea. An idea to present an unfiltered art display, unlike any other exhibit you’ve experienced. 
ArtHash Open Salon Show will not be curated, with expectations of presenting the public with an uninhibited view of what’s really happening in the Local art scene. This display will be unique in the sense that over 50 participating artists will display artwork of their own choosing. There will be nothing blocking the way for you to view fresh, innovative, raw talent. In this day and age where stars are formed by public opinion on venues like youtube, we believe the same applies for the art world. You decide!

Assuming you won’t miss the stuffy gallery scene, this is your chance to see what the artists want you to see. All art will be reasonably priced, allowing the perfect opportunity for the seasoned collector, as well as the first time collector.

If you love art, then step outside the lines with the ArtHash artists and join Kettle Art in experiencing art as it is intended… unabashed, and unbelievably imaginative.

~Graciously Written by Jacque Allen Forsher

I am so excited to have a piece in this group of amazingly badass local artists. Come check it out next Saturday night!

Featuring works by:

Adnan Razvi
Alison Jardine
Andrea Davis
Andy Morris
Brian A Crawford
Brett Dyer
Camille Green
Carolyn Collins
Chad Evans
Christian Millet
Cigi Ingram
David A Bell
David Brown
Frank Tringali
Gina Marie Dunn
Iris Candelaria
Jack Sheely
Jacq Chubirka
Jacque Allen Forsher
Jeremy McKane
Jacqueline Colt Marchioni
Johanna Roffino-Hulsey
John Paul Gardner
Junanne Peck
Judith Seay
Kevin Andrew Kunreuther
Kevin Obregon
Leon Sarantos
Levi Leddy
Lilia Estrada
Linda Bourgault
Lisa Rachel Horlander
Liz London
Luis Fernando Camacho
Manuel M. Pecina
Melissa Wertz
Michael SirHendrey
Mike Salcido
Nix Johnson
Quincy Wakefield
Renee Vandevere
Ricardo Paniagua
Snow White
Roy E. Vance
Samantha Price Fischer Kyle
Scott Dorn
Scott Shubin
Teri Lueders
Tony Reans
Yarilee Rivera
Zerep Egroj
Sonia Semone
Robb Conover 
Paul Pena
Ross von Rosenberg

Gina Marie Dunn, Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio's Fan Box


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