Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take What You Need

Have you heard of Guerilla Goodness? It's a movement whose mission is to spread intentional, anonymous acts of kindness performed in playful, creative ways.

It is the power of kindness and joy coming alive for all involved, both the giver and recipient. It’s discovering something about yourself and the world that changes everything, it is about believing and standing in kindness.

My dear friend, philanthropist extraordinairre Angee Webb heads up the Dallas Chapter, and she had this crazy amazing idea.... a "Take What You Need" flyer:

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She took my original painting, above, and turned it into something way more fabulous and spiritually uplifting than I 
could have conceived alone.  A flyer meant to be shared anonymously and remind people that a simple act can help them access the well of goodness inside them.  

This flyer below is meant to be printed out and shared. The words at the bottom are meant to be taken and torn off as needed, little notes to nourish and uplift. We are on a mission to paper Dallas with these puppies!

Here's a note from Angee herself on what to do with this:

"Since it’s a new year many of us are looking for changes, improvements and things to work on….or at least I am! 
I’ve attached a picture. Basically it’s a piece of paper, like an ad that you’d see on community bulletin boards for those seeking a service or selling something. This one, instead, says “take what you need” and the strips of paper you’d normally tear off with the sellers info on it, is instead is what you may need for 2012. For example they have, hope, courage, forgiveness, love, laughter, peace of mind etc. 

I’m the kind of person who saves fortunes, quotes, cards and anything that seems like a sign to me. I am going to make my own and will be keeping copies with me in my car. The next time I’m in Starbucks, the gym, Whole Foods or anywhere I think it might be needed, I will pin it for those seeking to find! If you like this you can do this yourself or if you want a copy of the template I make to just print out let me know and I will send it to you!
Fun, simple and helpful! If I saw this one attached some place today I would probably pull the “courage” strip and keep it with me so that I’m reminded on what I’m working on daily!"

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