Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where There is Love, There is No Darkness

24" x 36"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

This painting is a special one because it was commissioned by a husband for his wife as an anniversary gift. It took him several weeks to figure out a composition that he thought she would really love and one that would compliment the decor of their modern home. The style was a bit of a stretch for me, but I really enjoyed working in a more abstract method and feel like this piece has pointed my future works in a new direction.

Since I knew the couple before I worked on the painting for them I know how much they adore each other, and when I came across the Burundian proverb that says, "Where there is love, there is no darkness", I knew that had to be the title of the painting. The proverb's simple clarity really struck a chord with me. From its inception, this painting was created with love. It may sound a little hokey, but while I was working on this, I feel like that light of love was working through me and manifesting itself on the canvas. I hope it brings Lulu and Pryce many years of happiness.

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