Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creative Intelligence

This picture of autistic Artist Stephen Wiltshire's unbelievable take on the NYC skyline has really impacted me. (for more of his story, visit here ).   What an inspiration!

His work shows us what the mind is capable of.   The human brain is both mysterious and amazing in how it works - it takes away in some areas but blesses us abundantly in others. Those who learn how to make the most of the abundance truly have a gift!!!

Here's to those with high creative intelligence--a trait not easily measured or fully understood/appreciated.  Applying our creative intelligence invites us to keep both heart and eyes wide open to the emerging moment. We’d all be more creative if we paid less attention to the surfaces, our doings and achievements, our ambitions and desires; and more attention to the depths, the hidden forces and faculties that lie within ourselves and others, within all things and all experiences.

God dispenses His genius in many different vessels...how are you using your today?

Life Calmly Gives Out Its Own Secret
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