Monday, March 11, 2013

Newly Commissioned Painting, Soul Resonance

Soul Resonance
36" x 48"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
Gaitonde Collection
Fine Art Giclee Prints Available,
please message for more details

I was approached by a very kind couple who had seen my recent write-up in the Dallas Morning News and that lead them to my artwork.  They had been on the hunt for an original painting for their home and were moved by this piece. They asked me to create something larger, just for them.

A Platform for Consciousness
28" x 24"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

Not looking for an exact replica, they gave me creative license to take the painting in a direction that felt organic as I was creating it.  I played with the same themes of synchronicity, and when souls find each other and resonate with one another. When this happens, there is a beautiful connection. I was highly inspired by the poetry of local Poet Jeff Clardy, this verse in particular:

To seek the truth
Takes courage and strength
To question the norm
And face its ranks
It's how we grow
It's how we evolve
The questions to life
Are there to solve
Be free In your heart
Wherever you stand
And know the truth
Is always at hand

Wishing you all a day where your heart is free and your soul is at ease.  xoxo, Gina

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