Thursday, January 2, 2014


As I transition into 2014, my goal is to be more mindful. More aware. More present by finding a deeper connection to that still, silent place within.

Developing our intuition is not about adding more or wanting more. It's about clearing the clutter and enjoying less.  Sometimes I feel like I have been holding so much clutter in my mind and in my lifestyle. Do I really need to book myself with appointments during every minute I have free when the kids are not at home? Is it a a good idea to buy that magazine at the checkout counter that I may or may not get to reading but it will sit on my night stand for the next month? Do I absolutely need that 47th pair of yoga pants?  Do the day's events change if I check Instagram for the 10th time today?

In my heart I already know the answer.

When we have cultivated a healthy space within, we can see, hear and feel more clearly.

The more I strip away, the clearer things seem to get.

I have found that by taking time when I wake up, or when I begin my morning practice to scan my body... to begin at the feet and slowly work attention up through my body, making sure to "touch" each of my body parts with awareness... this practice helps me stay grounded, stay mindful, stay clear.

This little exercise in mindfulness is something I can come back to throughout the day.  As I reach for the bag of chips, stop and I really hungry? Or am I tired and looking for an energy lift? Maybe it's thirst. As the children are bickering with one another and I can feel my blood pressure rising, instead of the release that comes with raising my voice, a quick body scan tells me I can and should fend this off and that everyone would be better served with a calm voice or me leaving the room until my blood pressure goes back down.

The more I clear the extraneous, the closer I get to my true self. My inner voice. My art. Things that I have been putting off or avoiding don't seem so intimidating. Like jumping into new works.  2014 here we go!

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