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How to Appreciate Contemporary Art

I could do that + Yeah, but you didn't 
= Modern Art

A Platform for Consciousness

Take Me Away, Down the Star Mile
Contemporary Art is generally classified as any art that was produced after World War II. It comes in many shapes and forms and can often be quite abstract, thought-proking and even shocking.   This type of art usually makes you think outside the box and can stir emotions on a visceral level.  Taking the time to look at a piece of art, and feel its presence, can cause you to examine your own feelings and experiences that arise from the painting, leading you to see the possibilities around you and stimulate your mind for change and social growth.

The great thing about contemporary art is that there are no limits to medium or subject matter. It's used as  more a tool for change and inspiration in modern society. 

Art does not have to match the couch! 

Before We Turn to Stone
City of Blinding Lights

Tips for appreciating contemporary art:
1. Come at it with an open mind.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions-- about the artists, what inspired them, their background, materials used, the process which it was created. Ask the Artist directly or the Gallery you are dealing with--they are there to provide you with information and love to talk about the art. 

3. Do some research on the Artists.  You may find that learning the story behind the people who created the art makes it more tangible for you.

4. Try to feel what you see:  Tap into personality, character and individuality in the work reflecting back to the Artist.  Can you see yourself in the painting (not literally, of course)?  Try to connect with the passion that the Artist used while creating that work. When a piece resonates with you, it will be because of that connection. Art is a universal language we all share.

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