Monday, February 15, 2010

The Golden Afternoon

12" x 16" x 1.5"
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

I love the movie "Alice in Wonderland", it's one of my favorites. The title for this painting comes from one of the songs Alice sings, called "The Golden Afternoon".
You can learn a lot of things from the flowers
For especially in the month of June
There's a wealth of happiness and romance
All in the golden afternoon

Yes, that sounds all dandy and carefree, but there is a lot of depth to the story of Alice in Wonderland. I can really relate to Alice's struggles with the importance and instability of personal identity. She is constantly ordered to identify herself by the creatures she meets, but she herself has doubts about her identity as well. This concept of "finding yourself" is intriguing to me. It is one of my goals this year to put together a series of paintings based the themes explored in Alice in Wonderland of identity, curiosity, growing up and achieving social position. This painting is a step in that direction.

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  1. Gina,
    I have enjoyed your blog. I want to thank you for your comment on Daily Painters of Texas Contemporary Art blog on my "Lime" painting. I was reviewing my painting and saw your comment.
    Thanks so much,


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