Monday, April 12, 2010

The New Digs

The studio from the outside is above, and then inside is below:

Finally, we have unpacked the last of the boxes and are settled in our new home! It feels indescribably right here, and I am amazed that everything has worked out for our family...after months and months and MONTHS of searching, we found the home that is perfect for us. And the art studio is a perfect new space. It's bigger, brighter, and even has a "children's area" and a "mommy area", and I have so enjoyed working side by side with my two toddlers as we create in our new space together.

When I first began to paint, I named my art studio Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio. Webster's dictionary defines the word "utopia" as an "ideally perfect place", which is exactly where I feel I am when I'm working in the studio. Plus, Utopia Pkwy. was the actual street name of where Joseph Cornell, one of my favorite artists, grew up. I feel like Utopia Pkwy. Art Studio is growing as I am, and this name that is so much a part of my identity as an artist transfers well to my new workspace.

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