Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Alex Passapera

This week's feature highlights Alex Passapera, a Visual Artist currently living in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY.  I love how the rhythm of the city permeates all of his creations.  Here, in his own words, Alex  talks about what makes him tick:

I was ducated at Savannah College of Art and Design and am currently living in Brooklyn, NY. My hometown is Glen Ridge, NJ

In one sentence, my work is a pouring of impulse, emotion and meandering imagination over a blank page.

My normal working day consists of waking up, coffee, stretch, walk, think, coffee, toast, stare, work, stare, work, procrastinate, procrastinate, stare, work, coffee, lunch, procrastinate, procrastinate, think, stare work, work, work, dinner, work, work, work, stare, stare, sleep.

My ideal day would be all of that without the procrastination.

I am absorbed by meaning in everyday life.  I like to think there are layers upon layers in this world and peeling them back brings excitement and mystery to life.  Over the years I have been lucky enough to meet people and uncover books, films and art that help add to the layers of the world around me.   

The goal for my work is to find a medium or venue where I am able to get across my intent and still have room to embellish the visuals.  The main focus in most of my pieces is to have a certain message come across using different symbols and archetypes people will instinctively respond too.  I've been very interested in comics and working with a narrative in my work.  

New York itself has become my creative influence.  This city holds the gamut of different people, lifestyles and cultures and living here has absolutely changed the way I see the rest of the world.  Living in Bushwick, there is a growing artist community that seems to accept all types of work.  I have received a lot of support here and it helps to fuel my resolve and keeps me motivated to try new things.

Dali was a great influence on me when I was younger.  I was given a book of his paintings by my parents and was inspired by the complexity of his work along with the hidden stories behind the seemingly random imagery.

My motivation to make work is just that,  to keep on making work, because it's what I love and what I need.  If I go too long without sketching or writing I become depressed, restless and agitated.  Not very fun to be around.  I keep a sketch pad with me at all times, just a small pocket size moleskin.  Its like having my methadone handy if I were itching to jump on the ol' H Train.  Not that I do that. 

I use a lot of stipple and mark-making in my work.  This is usually done hunched over my desk for hours on end pricking  the page and moving inch by inch around the desired areas.  Its immensely relaxing in the right mindset, almost zen.  A bit of herb helps too but not required.  Good music is essential though.  I take brakes here and there to keep from cramping up but often I'll lose myself in my thoughts and go on until the early morning hours and realize I haven't eaten anything and my bladder is bursting and my phone has a dozen missed calls.

I am in the process of revamping my website, it should be going in a few weeks, or a month if I'm lucky.  Check it out:
I am also on facebook and myspace, though I really don't like to admit it.  You can look me up using my last name for both i think.

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