Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Mine

There is something about the style of my floral series that lends itself easily to children's decor. Simple, sweet and a little whimsical. Organic and fluid. Although I enjoy creating commissioned pieces for all areas of the home, it has been so much fun to work on these paintings especially for little ones.  Here are a few recent paintings that are already with their new Owners, who will hopefully grow up appreciating artwork as much as the people who commissioned these paintings for them.

If you would like to order a commissioned piece for the holidays, now's the time! Email me at utopiapkwyarts@yahoo.com for more info. Thanks!

 These and a few others from my abstract heart series are hanging in Madeline's nursery. Even though she's child #4 in her family, nothing was spared for Princess Madeline. Mom had her nursery decked out with artwork before she was born to celebrate her arrival. 

This one I painted as a  gift for my dear friend Laura, who I have known since we were both babies, to celebrate the arrival of her baby girl Avery.

This one is for a little girl named Lilly. Her sweet Aunt Roxanne commissioned it for her first b-day. 

These two went to Ellie's nursery and I can't wait to see pics of them in her room.

This one is hanging in a tween's room who also happens to be a student of mine. Her mom gave it to her as a Valentine's present.  It's cheerful and full of energy and life, just like Emme.

This one was ordered for a baby shower this weekend...ssshh it's a surprise!

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