Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Flow

“Artists and athletes speak of something called “flow.” When they are deeply involved in what they are doing, time ceases to exist. So does their sense of themselves as separate from what they are doing…
Awareness blooms, as the individual self escapes its confines to become part of something bigger than the self.” 
 Barbara Brown Taylor – An Alter in the World

I love that. I have been searching for the connection between the dedication I feel to myself as an artist and the dedication that comes with being a runner and yogi, and that quote captures it. It is all in the quest for The Flow.  I can't explain what happens when my brian reaches that state, and it has happened in the art studio, in the yoga studio, and outside with feet pounding the pavement, but it is as close to enlightenment as I've ever come.

Original on display at the Blues Jean Bar in Dallas

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