Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Judith Seay

As a creative person myself, I am fascinated with what makes other like-minded types tick. Thanks for joining me today as I share an interview with local artist Judith Seay.

Judith Seay, the Natural Edge Studio Gallery, Dallas Texas

BFA SMU with further studies at UT, UNT and SMU

Current City;
Gunter, Texas, north of Dallas, Texas

Tell me about your work.
With oil paint on canvas,  I combine color, texture and shape to create a composition that delights
the senses sometimes with recognizable objects and sometimes with just
the imagination.

Describe your normal day.
start early on the computer paving the way for my work to be seen so when the economy recovers I will have a good inventory of paintings and people interested in seeing them and buying them! I start painting mid-morning and paint until mid-afternoon. I take 3 walks up to the road every day (one mile) to keep myself young enough to keep painting. I cook dinner for myself and my husband and we watch the sunset, sometimes with my son and his wife who live on the same property. Those days are wonderful but my perfect day would be
walking in the mountains of Colorado and getting inspiration for my new paintings, even though most of my paintings are not landscapes.I create them in my mind inspired by the color and beauty around me.

What are your passions? 
Jesus Christ, my family and  painting

What are your goals? 
I want to sell paintings. I love to paint them. I need to sell them!  My goal is to be ready with a body of work, name recognition and work recognition when the economy gets better.

Who are your creative influences? 
My Mother My teachers at SMU (the
Dallas Nine) Otis Dozier, DeForest Judd, Stephen Wilder and many artist friends

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are?
I learned the Truth and the Truth set me free. Freedom is an important part of being an artist. I cannot paint when I am not free, When a painting gets too over-worked sometimes I need to
mess it up to set it free and it is almost always better then.

How do you set the table for your muse? 
bread and wine

Is there anyone that you really look up to as an inspiration? 
Jane Jones is an artist.She is a watercolor painter and she has been painting and selling for years. Through good times and bad times she has persevered.

What's your working style? 
When my husband goes out of town I pull all my paints etc out of the studio and make the whole den into my
studio and paint all day and into the night with no interruptions. I love it! When he's here I paint about 5-7 hours a day (That includes cleaning brushes etc.) If I have a show coming up I paint on the weekends too. I can't stop when I know someone is going to see them.

What are your websites/social networking links?
linkedin  facebook  htt://


  1. So excited to read this! Judith's son David and I went to school together :) We were reunited via the art world!


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