Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stella Gets Her Groove Back, or Thank God for Summer School

Feeling so inspired today...2 commissions and 4 new paintings rolling in the studio.

"I think people don't place a high enough value on how much they are nurtured by doing whatever it is that totally absorbs them" 
Jean Bolen

I tend to work in spurts, frantically creating every second I can steal away into the studio for weeks at a time, followed by  a bit of  a drought.  To roll with that analogy, these past few weeks have been like the Sahara Desert. During this downtime, I believe some part of my brain is subconsciously letting the creative energy sort of pool for a bit and slowly reprogramming, recollecting. 

Luckily these dry spells are actually a good opportunity to catch up on bookkeeping, updating the website, client meeting, etc...all of the business of being an Artist that most people forget about. Taking care of business (or "TCB" as we call it around here) is actually a welcome change of gears for me because it keeps me from feeling like my career is idling and the bonus is that often leads to more progress, jobs, etc.

It is amazing to me each time when these droughts strike that inevitably the muse returns...because when I am in one of my little creative breaks I often wonder how I am ever going to muster the inspiration up to paint again. To me, creativity is not something that can be "used up". It is an infinite well that we can always tap into.  Even though the well may lie dormant for a while, it is never dry.  I love how each new work I paint leads me to the next...this little journey I am on is quite an amazing ride when I stop back and take a look.

I'm sure it's no coincidence that all three of my kids, ages 4 and under, will now be out of the house (and out of my studio) two days a week for summer school.  It has been fun having them home every day for the past few weeks as it has given us a lot of leisure time to play with friends, plan fun excursions, but I am a big proponent that breaks are good for everyone.

Stella got her groove back!

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