Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Painting, "Each Day I Return Anew"

16" x 20"
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

To me, yoga has become a way of life over the past few years, and in many ways quite different than the life that I was accustomed to. This painting is a dedication to my daily practice. Yoga has empowered me to embrace life, which helps me be a more enriched wife and mother. Each day I arise before my household, sneak away to practice and I return to my family anew, refreshed, inspired, full of love and post-Savasana bliss that I try to carry throughout the day and impart on my children. 

 The reasons why we embark on the yogic path are different for everyone. Simply put, we could say that yoga guides us from a life of ignorance, selfishness and ultimate dissatisfaction into a ‘higher life’ – into a life that is lived with proper understanding of Universal laws and of the true nature of ourselves and the world around us – with the aim to bring greater meaning into an often otherwise aimless and frustrating existence, and to guide us along a path of evolution during our time here on this earth.
Yoga teaches us to know what the behavior is that will support a fruitful, spiritually advancing life, and helps us to perform the right actions, in the right manner, at the right time.  For these tools and knowledge I am grateful and inspired.
The kids and I were at the Dallas Museum of Art yesterday and I saw this quote on the wall in the Egyptian Artifact room. I snapped this picture while trying to explain to kiddos that the mummy and sarcophagus is not "yucky"'s amazing. 

Love those wall resounded with me on so many levels, and I feel struck a special chord with me as I had just finshed this painting and was searching for the meaning behind it.

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