Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Art Menu: November

The Art Menu is a Dallas-based company who handles the sale of canvas giclee prints from my original paintings.  They represent an elite group of roughly 20 Dallas-area Artists, and I am grateful to be one of them.  

The boys behind this company recognize local talent and take time to share the Artists' visions and the unique stories behind each piece with their audience.  It's not an everyday occurrence when someone can purchase a giclee and actually say they got to know the Artist behind it. And isn't that why everyone buys art...to connect with something meaningful? To be a part of a story, share an experience and create a memory?  Kudos to these guys for making this privilege more accessible to people who may not be in the market to purchase original artwork, but still want to own a meaningful piece.

To top it off, they are some genuinely nice guys and I really enjoy working with them! I am so excited to be their featured Artist of the Month. Check out my feature here. Also, here's a peek at a few listed as giclee prints:

The City of Blinding Lights
Our True Nature
And You Will Rise Up Like the Sea

The company launched just this year and I have been with them since the beginning.  As a working Artist, it's wonderful to have the hassle of producing my own giclées out of my hands, and put the paint brush back where it belongs so to speak.  Their giclee prints are produced in Dallas' Design District in a meticulous process that ensures the utmost qulaity. I have seen several of them in person and it is really quite difficult to tell if they are prints or originals.

Check them out on Facebook here to stay on top of news and upcoming shows. The Art Menu is planning several launch events in 2012 that are not to be missed! 

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