Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Other Creative Souls: Taylor McClure

As a creative person, it fascinates me to learn how other like-minded souls tick. Thanks for joining me today to pick the brain of Artist Taylor McClure.  Taylor and I are working together on the collaborative art effort known as "The Seven Project" , which debuts this weekend.

My name is Taylor Douglas McClure, I am 25 years old, and I was born in Ft. Worth, TX.  I received a BFA with a concentration in printmaking at the University of North Texas in 2010. I have also studied printmaking at Frogman’s workshops inSouth Dakota.
I’ve always been drawing. I grew up in the age of NES and ADD. Since early childhood, I’ve been enamoured with the Japanese aesthetic. I grew up studying Japanese comics that I couldn’t read. I had the privilege of visiting Japan in 2006. It was everything I had imagined it would be and more.
My normal day typically begins around 9am. I wash, eat breakfast, and then look through my notes to see what needs to be done. I then spend my day working on these tasks. I live with my girlfriend and our cat Gus. In the evenings, we cook a meal and spend quality time together. In the late evening/early morning, I’m typically at my drafting table, drawing.
My ideal day would be like climbing a mountain or riding a train.
I am most passionate about integrity. Even though I may not be honest 100% of the time, I am painstakingly sure that my work is. Outside of my personal work, my passions are traveling with those dearest to me, gourmet meals, laughing out loud, every single cat, body language, organization, and people watching.
When I’m working, I typically rotate a handful of works at the same time out of necessity. I also do this because I have a more fluid and consistent work flow when juggling pieces rather than investing all of my effort into a single item. Not to say that I’m unfocused or distracted, I just prefer a steady variety of works for maximum efficiency. Although I don’t draw every day, I’m consistantly taking notes on my surroundings. I am most inspired by subtle facial expressions and body language. Much of it is unnoticed, and I find inspiration in attempting to capture those fleeting moments of the human form. I am also inspired by pattern. My favorite patterns are that of origami papers. A close second to pattern is texture. The tactile quality of objects and the way in which they are topographic stimulates me. It is reminiscent of hiking mountains as a child.
My goals are to immigrate to the east coast, develop my career as an artist, travel the world employing my work, teaching as an old man, and end up finding a secret cove to be reclusive in.
Those which I look up to the most include, but are not limited to:
Francisco De Goya, William Blake, Henri Daumier, Katsushika Hokusai, Egon Schiele, Toulouse Lautrec, Hayao Miyazaki, Jimmy Mirikitani, Pablo Picasso, Akira Toriyama, Jan-Michel Basquiat, Raymond Pettibon, Suehiro Maruo, Tom Huck, Os Gemeos, Neckface, Rob Sato and David Choe.
In one sentence, my work can be described like this:
“BOOM FOR REAL.” -Basquiat
My weblog can be viewed at:
I post various drawings and progress shots of current projects. The blog contains links to my portfolio, the Pan-Ector Industries blog, the Meme Gallery blog, and more.

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