Thursday, October 22, 2009

As Within, So Without

9" x 12"
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
*This painting will be featured at Kettle Art Gallery's "Creepshow". It's a departure from what I've been painting lately, perhaps Halloween had a bit of an influence.

"As Within... So Without" is a magical phrase. As I deal with bouts of pregnancy-induced insomnia, my thoughts are laden with questions of the future. What will I be doing in a few months? Will my unborn son be healthy? Where is my life taking me? The more I listened to my thoughts the more questions they seemed to bring about. How does anyone achieve inner peace? What is life if we are all playing survival of the fittest with each other? As thoughts kept swirling around in my head I found myself in a place of frenetic energy. It was at that time that I realized that, as I was feeling inside, uncertain, and unsettled. I was bringing about those feelings in grander scale.

I began to repeat this phrase over and over and over until I saw what was beginning to happen. I found myself feeling warm and loved. It was as though I was being cloaked and held by the peacefulness of an angel's wings. I looked within my mind and found that I was being caressed by the lull of the words, As within.... So without...

What do these words mean? Could it be that what I think about becomes my reality? Could it mean that the way I feel inside creates the circumstances that surface without? Could it mean that the way I feel inside brings about my truth as I live it? Is this what I am living right now?

As within....... so without, has become my mantra, one that I repeat most especially when I feel overwhelmed with negative emotions. I have realized that what I am thinking and feeling within begins to show up in my physical realm. I use this phrase to guide me and it begins to allow me to be thankful for everything I am and all that I have. I know that if I am thankful, the universe will begin to give me more situations and circumstances for me to be grateful. This then creates a feeling of blissful peace within my mind.

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