Friday, January 28, 2011

El Corazon Exhibition this Saturday

Beginning in 1993, Jose Vargas has organized the El Corazón art exhibition in Dallas, which gives artists an opportunity to explore various artistic interpretations of the human heart. Since then, this passionate and delightfully eclectic art show has featured diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important symbol in Mexican and Latin American art, and a significant theme in western culture.
i am so excited that the painting, "As Within, So Without" was chosen to be a part of this exhibit. This work is a very special one to me. It was created during an incredibly painful time last year as we endured a difficult pregnancy with my youngest son. He was diagnosed in utero with a rare birth defect in his lungs that left him with a very uncertain prognosis...there was a time when we were uncertain if he could even be carried to term. Doctors gave us what seemed like volumes of medical journals to read about his condition, and after reading them I wasn't sure what to do. Throwing them away just didn't feel right, nor did leaving them on my bedside table to constantly remind me what uncertain path laid before my seemed like that never left my mind as it was. So I took them out to the studio, tore them up, and literally processed this information through my artwork as I collaged them into a series of paintings. In the end, we were blessed with a perfectly healthy baby boy, our little Miracle Mack.  This painting serves as testimony of art as therapy and the power of putting out the energy in the world that you wish to receive back. the fact that this show is falling almost exactly on his first b-day is almost an uncanny coincidence. 

Opening Reception is this Saturday from 7-9,  at the Bath House Cultural Center and the show will run throughout the month of February.  I am excited to be showing at this venue for the first time and feel honored to be exhibiting works among some of the area's most esteemed local talents.

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