Monday, January 31, 2011

I think we all could stand to use more SAT words.

The blogosphere is incredible. I was lucky enough to have my artwork found by someone across the world in Noosa, Australia, who used my painting, "Your Voice Was Smooth; Like Water Running Over Rocks" to illustrate her word of the week, "Mellifluous.  Thanks, Felicity, for sharing my artwork on your lovely blog and also for expanding my vocabulary.

[adj.]  flowing, like honey.
Sweet or smooth, generally used to describe a person's voice, tone or writing style.

From the latin mellifluus ["flowing like honey"], from mel [honey] + fluo [flow].

Today's word is one of my favourite, not only for the musicality as I say it out loud, but also because I love what it describes.  The artwork I've chosen to illustrate this word is by Gina Marie Dunn and is titled 'Your Voice was Smooth; Like Water Running Over Rocks' which evokes dulcet and mellifluous tones in my mind."

This painting is 24" x 36" x 1.5". This is one of my favorite sizes to work with. It is available for purchase, contact me for details. 


  1. Hi Gina, what a lovely surprise!
    Thank you for sharing,

    Felicity x

    PS Be sure to pop in tomorrow for the new word, I'll give you a hint - it has something to do with wisdom! x

  2. That's a great story--the internet is great at bringing people together that way! Congratulations on your new connection.


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