Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feed Your Addiction

Every Artist has their own unique style of painting. I work in spurts.  Weeks of spot-on creativity in the "flow" state where I can't spend enough time in the studio.  I'm giving the kids baths, and daydreaming about paintings. I'm lying in bed and planning future paintings. I'm reading books and turning the text into get the picture. Then I step away.  That is what I did over the last few weeks.   I let it sink in. I show my work and (hopefully) let some of it go to new homes.

My paintings have been up at the Starbuck's in the West Village this month and will be there through this weekend. Dallas friends, please pop in for a visit if you haven't already.  Forgive the shoddy Iphone pics, this was all I had with me but wanted to share some images of my works in their temporary home.

 Now I'm back so sorry about the lack of posts.  But if my pattern holds true, it will be on like gangbusters for the next few weeks.  Peace.

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