Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gallerina on the Scene: 17th Annual El Corazon Show

Saturday night the Bath House Cultural Center was ablaze with the hustle and bustle of the opening reception of the 17th Annual El Corazon Art Exhibition. Dallas Artist Jose Vargas curated the exhibit and really hit a home run with his eclectic yet eerily cohesive mix of photography, painting, mixed media, and sculptural works. The idea of creating an opportunity for local artists to explore various artistic interpretations of the human heart was conceived by Mr. Vargas in 1993. Since then, this passionate and delightfully eclectic art show has featured diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important symbol in Mexican and Latin American art, and a significant theme in western culture.

This was my first time to participate in the show, and WOW, it was amazing!  The energy of the crowd, perhaps reinforced by the subject matter of the evening, was indeed palpable.


 Me and fellow Artist  and Designer Roy G. Vance, whose striking contemporary abstract pieces are available at Art is Art on Henderson and Dulce Interiors, among other lovely places. Find him on Facebook here!

A few photos, courtesy of Dallas Arts Salon.  This was one of my favorite pieces of the evening. I didn't catch the Artist's name, so please pass it this way if you know. 

The beautiful photography of Sharon Neal (left), and of course, my $.02 in the show, "As Within, So Without", the little painting that captured so much of my heart, mind and spirit as I used it to help me work through a difficult medical prognosis for our as-yet-unborn son. This is a true testament to the process of art as therapy. 

The show will run through the end of February, and most works are available for purchase.  The Bath House Cultural Center is located at:
521 E. Lawther Dr.
Dallas, TX 75218 

Phone number: 214-670-8749

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  1. What a fantastic show and terrific to see your wonderful work on the wall.

    Felicity x


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