Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Jill Nononemacher

  As a creative person meself, I love to see what makes other like-minded souls think. Thank you for joining me today as we get to know Dallas-based Artist Jill Nononemacher. Jill and I will be having an exhibit together entitled, "Made for Love", this weekend along with a few other Artists at the Cameron Gallery on Dragon Street in the Dallas Design Disctrict. Here's Jill's story...

Name: Jill Nonnemacher (JillyArt)
JillyArt Studios

Location: Native from New Jersey, now calls home Mansfield, Texas.

FIT, NY - Textile Design Degree
The School of Visual Arts, NY
 Fordham University, NY - MSW   

About JillyArt
JillyArt is best known for her wildly colorful palette. My style is best described as expressionistic and figurative which captures the essence and spirit of people and playfulness. 

My normal day is jumpstarted with a pot of coffee along with getting my 2 sweet pugs,   Mozart & Fiona walked & fed before I can even think about starting anything else.
 After taking care of business related stuff I turn usually settle into my studio by mid morning or early afternoon, turn on my rock & roll music and begin painting for the day.
My passion is to create art that is full of life. Art that is filled with color and is emotionally provoking to my viewer. 
My goal is  to paint 5 days a week creating new, exciting, stimulating art to share with the world. 
JillyArt aims to  create a world full of passion, celebration and seduction that evokes a sensory experience and emotional response within her viewers.  My subjects include expressive solitary figures, whimsical collective figures, and socially provocative figures.    

My inspiration comes from people, life experiences, music, fashion, design and my training as a psychotherapist.  I am also very inspired by other artists and spend lots of time looking at art and enjoy collecting different styles of art for my own art galley. 

My working style is to paint nonstop for 6 - 8 hours at a time. I do take a few breaks to play with the dogs and try to squeeze in  a mid day walk around the block.
If I am working on a deadline I will  take a couple hours off, share dinner with my husband and go back into the studio to continue painting.
If I get into my painting zone again I will paint  for several more hours before retiring for the night.

 I like to paint in collections. Each painting has a story to be shared and is part of a larger series.  It is fundamental that my paintings radiate with liveliness, movement and a playful spirit.

A few of my favorite artists that have greatly influenced my style and appreciation for art are the 20th century expressionistic painters: Picasso, Matisse,  Klee and love the colorful art of Peter Max.
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JillyArt is cited in Art Calendar (Professional Artist), March, 2011

Jillyart is featured on: Manhattan Arts International - The Artrepeneur blog (Sept.22,2010)


JillyArt is included in the CityArt Cal Engagement Book 2009.

JillyArt is featured in The Art Buzz Book, The 2009 Collection of Contemporary art for Emerging Artists.

JillyArt is featured in the John Hopkins Art and Addiction Book, 2010.


jillyArt has been featured on many magazine covers including: Sasee Magazine, South Carolina, Rising Women Magazine, Canada

JillyArt is represented by The Cameron Gallery, Dallas, TX

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