Monday, September 26, 2011

DADA Fall Gallery Walk

The Dallas Art Dealers Association is an affiliation of established, independent gallery owners and not-for-profit art organizations in the metroplex. Through carefully chosen exhibitions, DADA members make an important contribution to the community.

Featuring 40 of DADA’s leading member galleries, museums, and nonprofit art spaces, Fall Gallery Walk was Saturday. Art lovers of every description socialized and toured a full spectrum of galleries and special exhibitions — all in one day. Here are some highlights:

 The photos above are from Craighead Green Gallery . I was so taken by Heather Gorhum's ethereal, hauntingly beautiful work. Here is a part of her Artist Statement that really resonated with me:

" In my work I try to take feelings and give them form, create a world that feels comfortable and real to me. My work revolves around the tangible interpretation of the everyday. A dreamy window into our own experiences and a compulsion to make those settled things, we all experience, strange. I use, interchangeably, human and animal imagery to symbolize both the best and worst parts of our human condition and our connection to our environment."

 A few shots of me and Mr. D at Samuel Lynne Gallery. The bold works of Phil Romano behind us always stop traffic. I was so glad to meet Co-Owner JD Miller, Janice and Courtney from the Gallery's wonderful team.  In the gallery's state-of-the-art 30-seat HD theater, they had a captivating film going about Co-Owner JD Miller's live painting. Miller is a contemporary Artist who combines painterly chromatic expression with a sculptor's physical application of paint to create multi-dimensional images on canvas. It was amazing to see him in his element.

 Artist David Hinske's piece, above, entitled BE, was a standout at Mary Tomas Studio Gallery.

Above is Artist Suguru Hiraide, whose show "Steel: Fun with Guns and Pachinko Machines" was a hit at Cohn Drennan Contemporary. Cathy Drennan was kind enough to introduce us to this fascinating man. We talked to Hiraide about his amazing use of metal sculpting and craftsmanship as a medium to address evolving yet ever-present concerns and societal issues of identity.  It was a pleasure to pick his brain--his rare ability to express himself through the use of science and art, or science AS art, was fascinating.
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Gina. I'll be back at Mary Tomas Gallery in September 2012 with a small handful of new pieces. Hope to see you then.

  2. Hi David, Thanks for reaching out! I am a fan of your work. Please email me at re: a press opportunity.


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