Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Origin Magazine

Arts+Culture+Conscious lifestyle. I truly believe this publication is going to change the world and I cannot express how deeply grateful I am to be a part of the Origin team. The Founder + Publisher/Head Ninja, Maranda Pleasant, is an amazing visionary. An Internationally recognized Artist based out of Austin, she channeled her passion for the arts and socially conscious living into a platform to give a voice to individual creative souls. 

Maranda is building bridges where there used to be walls. She is beautiful inside and out. Her intention is to inspire others to live in a more expansive way, and that has certainly struck a chord with me.

Origin is a visually stunning and contextually transformative.  The Art Section was founded on providing an innovative showcase for the presentation and promotion of strong visionary,contemporary and modern artists world-wide. We exhibit painting, photography,video, conceptual writing and sculptural installations.  This is where i come into play. The best part? While working collaboratively with others to give them a voice, I am discovering my own. My column covering the Dallas Arts Scene is on page 8. I believe in this publication. Click here to read it online or pick one up in Dallas, Houston or Austin galleries, museums and high-end spas and studios.

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