Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Painting, "The Search for Simplicity"

In Search of Simplicity
New Painting
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
16" x 20" x 1.5"
"One day I will find the right words.

And they will be simple."

This painting was literally 5 other paintings before it was this one.
There was so much I was trying to say with this canvas, and the message got really jumbled in my head.
I felt like my ideas, my wishes for this one were in one of those stone tumblers that I used to long for as a kid,
those mysterious machines that took ordinary rocks, swallowed them,
and spat them out all shiny and interesting-looking.
Once I stopped trying to force the ideas and let the painting speak through me, speak to me, did it emerge.
That's how it always happens. One day I will learn...

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