Monday, March 14, 2011

Newly Commissioned Painting, "And Then Came the Day"

36" x 48" x 1.5"
Oil and Mixed on Canvas

"Everything in life is pointing us back to our true nature." 
-Stephen Cope

I was so happy to create this painting for the Niemeic family. Maggie, who I have known and loved since high school, has always been a bit of a poet and dreamer herself...that's part of the reason I think we became friends. We just "got" each other and to find a friend who gets you is a priceless gift. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her on this piece because she was looking for something to fit a specific space and was interested in my abstract cheery blossoms. However, she wanted to incorporate some aquas/turquoises into the mix as well as excerpts from some treasured writings she had collected over the years.

Her request could not have come at a better time because I have been dreaming of painting something like this for quite a while.  Similar blossoms to what I have been loving to create lately but with a totally different color scheme. The colors have been dancing in my head and I love to incorporate the written word into my the words lie under the images, barely visible to the naked eye, yet so essential in creating the text and the meaning of this painting. I write in my paintings as a literal means to process my feelings and emotions and express them through my art. Now in this painting Maggie was able to do that with me. I am so grateful for her giving me the opportunity to bring this image to life.

Detail shots are above and to the left. As always, if you want info about a custom piece, just email me.


  1. Gina- first of all thank you so much for creating the perfect vision I had for our home. Second- for the opportunity to share it :) love you!
    Text for the painting I envisioned----
    'And then came the day.
    The blue so bright it blocked out the sun-- the laughing leaves slipping through my fingers.
    My heart light with the fullness of you.
    Tinkling wind chimes breaking through the canopy of trees--swaying to their tune.
    Grabbing your hands in mine-pounding our feet in dew kissed grass--letting the scent of happy warm summer days linger in our hair.
    The wind slipped through the trees and brushed against the eager leaves in the fading sunlight.
    Then the moonlight broke through and swallowed the day.
    Like wayward flowers wilting down--our limbs entwining--making branches grow and stretch under the watchful eye of the moon.
    My mind and heart forever filled with you--and my soul brighter than all of heavens jewels twinkling in the midnight sky.'
    Thanks so much for creating this vision with me and letting me be a part of it mama!

  2. Maggie thank you for sharing these beautiful words..I had a hard time selecting from them to find a title. "And Then Came the Day" just seems to represent a coming into your own, a feeling of finding peace and harmony and love...and those are all things I see in you.
    "My Soul Brighter Than all the Heavens" also stood out to me for a possible title...I did a smaller study of your painting before I did yours just to make sure colors were right--maybe that's what I need to call that one. ;)


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