Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yoga and Creativity

My daily practice has transformed me physically and spiritually, but also creatively as well, which has been an unexpected but much welcomed bonus given my profession.


 Who would have guessed that yoga and creativity are inextricably linked?  

I am so grateful to my fantastic teachers at Exhale for helping me see this.  The two paintings below are just a few that would not have come to fruition if not for their loving guidance.

And You Will Rise Up Like the Sea
will be on display at my upcoming 4/16 show at Elle Realty in Lakewood.

So how are yoga and creativity connected? After all, one is a physical and mental discipline, and the latter a manifestation of innovative thoughts and ideas. But what seems like the ultimate mismatch, is in fact deeply entangled. 

Both have lead me to a newfound way of thinking and seeing the world.

The Secret is the Love,
currently on display at the Lovers Lane Antique Market

Yoga has deepened my mental awareness. The meditative aspect of yoga helps eliminate unnecessary thoughts cluttering the mind, freeing up valuable imagination real estate. When my mind is clear, ideas flow easily and freely. The best inspiration comes from a calm mind that is free of constant distraction. My practice has helped me "grow up" mentally and gain the confidence to express my ideas.
The breathing techniques I practice in yoga also help me keep unnecessary distraction and negativity at bay. A mind free of dark thoughts breeds clever ideas without playing devil’s advocate and dismissing what may be constructive or worthwhile ideas.
Yoga also makes me mindful and subject to a higher plane of  thinking (thinking about thinking) when in the process of creating. The importance of this is that I am constantly made aware of the background, possibilities and limitations of my work.  Everywhere I look I see the art in's almost as if a veil has been lifted and the universe is revealing its beautiful secrets to me.  It's like I am tapping into an unused part of my brain for the first time.
Yoga has helped me surrender my ego and give into the creative process. One thing that severely hinders the creative process is the need to control it. Drop the ego and immediately one is less defensive, more open minded and more creative.  This is something I work on every day.
This enhanced focus my practice gives me is one of the reasons I have chosen to practice yoga early in the morning. I feel more centered and productive during the day. Yoga calms me and aids me in concentrating on what matters and shifts the focus to my art.
It's important to realize that creativity needn’t necessarily be painting, sculpting or writing a novel, one can be an artist in the smallest of his or her endeavors from doing chores to planning out an afternoon. People are creative when the things they do are executed with passion, imagination, a sense of humor or a new approach.  Namaste!

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