Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pre-Show Insomnia

Throughout my life I have dealt with bouts of insomnia. It was at its worst during college and during each of my three pregnancies. One of the unexpected benefits of my yoga practice has been that these little spells have been kept at bay for the most part. That is, unless it is the night before an art show. Then nothing can keep me asleep.

So, in a pre-emptive strike, I tried to go to bed early last night, like senior-citizen early. Without fail, I "woke up" at 2:45. Around 3 I decided to go into the studio to work on some commissions. But despite the deadlines that are looming on those, I was drawn to these tiny canvases in the studio and decided to create some more little paintings from my "Lyrical Forest" series.  7 new little guys came to life! I am going to run them up to Elle Realty today so they will be on display this evening. Here's a description:

Lyrical Forest
5" x 7"
$50 apiece
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
Gina often incorporates text into her works. Her paintings express things she cannot verbally convey. Art, for Gina, is literally her way of processing her thoughts and feelings. This "mini" series was created in layers incorporating pages from Gina's personal parchment paper journals, transparent layers of color and texture, and her signature birch trees. 

At least if I can't sleep I can be productive, right? Now I can look forward to spending the entire day loving on my kiddos before Mr. D and I head to the show tonight. Which by the way is from 7-10 at Elle Realty in Lakewood, a cute little boutique real estate office right next door to the Green Spot. 
Elle Realty
718 N. Buckner Blvd., Ste. 304
Dallas, TX 75218

Hope to see my Dallas friends tonight!  Now, off to go make pancakes....

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