Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Kiki Curry

Being a creative person myself, I am always fascinated to see how other like-minded souls tick. Thanks for joining me today as I interview lifelong Dallas-Based Artist Kiki Curry. Kiki will be debuting some new works at the ArlingtonMuseum of Art, click here to learn more about her show, "Ectoplasmic".


Self taught - 
Fashion Merchandising College - Dallas

Current City/Hometown
hometown - Waxahachie

Describe your work in one sentence. 
I create what is in my heart.

What are your passions? 
Art, fashion, travel, educating myself, spiritual growth

What are your goals? 
Spiritually - to be a person that will make a difference in another person's life
Physically - to honor the temple of body, mind and spirit
Emotionally - to be happy and in gratitude
Artistically - I am a spiritual being in a human experience, enjoying the life of an artist. It is my intent for my art to raise the consciousness of those who view it

Who are your creative influences?
Georgia O'Keeffe - Maxfield Parrish

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what you do?
Seeing through the eyes of a child and
Exploring Mexico and having the opportunity to study at the Institudo of Arte in San Miguel de Allende
Travel opens my awareness of self and creates gratitude - especially in third world countries

Is there anyone whom you really look up to as an inspiration?
Dali (but I didn't look up to him) I admired his confidence and accomplishments
Georgia O'Keeffe - I admired her fortitude to break from the herd and live where she did 

How do you set the table for your muse?
I am the muse.

What's your working style? 
I work at art 24 hours a day. When I'm not creating, I'm thinking, when I am sleeping, I'm dreaming of creating.

What are your websites/social networking links?

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