Monday, April 18, 2011

This is why I do what I do...

"A Season's Awakening"
Fine Art prints available here.

Please see the words below from a client of mine who purchased the original painting above. Her email nearly brought tears to my is always my hope that my art will bring those who decide to hang it in their home the same sort of joy that I felt while creating it.

"I have always loved to draw.  As a kid I always said I would be a teacher and artist when I grew up.  I started out as an art major in college but ended up switching to languages mainly because my art classes were so early in the morning and I am a night owl--how lame is that? But really, who can create anything at 7am? Part of me has really regretted it. I still like to dabble in things whenever I can and I try to at least make all the cards we give out for birthdays, thank yous, and such.  Honestly, when I saw your painting A Spring's Awakening, the colors, the style, everything reminded me so much of myself and my love of art as a child that I mourned the loss of my childhood dreams and cried all the way home.  But it also helped "awaken" in me a hope that I can make time for such things again.  

See, you are inspirational!"

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