Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art as a Weapon at Smoke and Mirrors Gallery

This gallery has been on my radar since their grand opening at the beginning of this month. Finally, a legitimate "outsiders" art gallery in Dallas.  A community space where local artists can sell and promote their artwork in a retail environment while also supporting community organizing. 

Their call to action for this show featured the following account by Franz Seiwert and the 'Cologne Progressives' on 
"Art as a Weapon"":
The harnessing of art to commodity production - to sell products and create a particular, favourable image of the multi-national corporation is a phenomenon we are all familiar with.  Occasionally, however, attempts have been made to transform art into a political weapon; to use it as a means of overthrowing a cruel and unjust social system.

This show will be featuring some politically motivated works from various local Artists, including Denton-based Artist Christian Millet. And to show they are not afraid to take a stand, 10 % of the gallery percentage earned on ALL sold pieces at the ART AS A WEAPON EVENT will  go to fund and support protesters participating in Occupy Dallas.
Consider the envelope pushed...

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