Thursday, October 20, 2011

Other Creative Souls: Christian Millet

As a creative person, it fascinates me to learn how other like-minded souls tick. Thanks for joining me today to pick the brain of Artist Christian Millet.  Christian is the man behind the collaborative art effort known as "The Seven Project", among many other projects in the area that focus on cultivating local creative talent. Here is his story.

Christian Millet

Current City/Hometown
Lima-Peru. Reside in Denton, TX

Almost a bachelors in Fine Art
Modern Dance
Project Management
Graphic Design

Tell me about your work in one sentence. 
Unintentional flow of emotional transitions

Describe your normal day. 

French Press or cold brew at my front porch to start, with  the company of my cigarettes. 

Network, e-mail, management of my brain.
Paint for hours at the time.
Lunch/Dinner, coffee for desert!
Paint, create, flow!
Documentary or scrabble, more paint!

What are your passions? 
Art, indy films, espresso. Wine.
Who are your creative influences?
Peruvian painter Jose Tola. My mother for her perseverance and any individual that has enough creativity built up that is constantly emerging, changing and moving forward. In my current collaboration project Nix Johnson stands out!

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what 
you do?
 A funny detail of my career "I failed Art Class in my last year of High School".
During my teens a family member commissioned me do to a couple of replicas of a well know Spanish painter. Before I even realized it, that created my life's path.

Is there anyone you really look up 
to as an inspiration?
Jose Tola for his development as an artist and his multiple channels of expression.
How do you summon your muse?
I define my muse as a constant and challenging energy. My Fiance is fulfilling that role.
Borges and Vargas Llosa to read.
Pearl Jam and Silvio Rodrigues for music.

What motivates you on a daily basis?
I don't like seeing empty or white formats without color! 

What's your working style? 
I work a lot, many hours at the time. My only breaks are other types of work and the impossible invasion of family and cigarettes.

What are your websites/social networking links?

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