Sunday, October 2, 2011

Other Creative Souls: Nix Johnson

As a creative person, it fascinates me to learn how other like-minded souls tick. Thanks for joining me today to get to know Artist Nix Johnson.  Nix and I are working together on the collaborative art effort known as "The Seven Project" and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

Photo by Greg Scott

Nix Johnson

Current City/Hometown
Denton, Texas 

B.A. in Entrepreneurship (UNT 2007) 

Describe your work in one sentence. 
Artwork made with recycled/upcycled materials to inspire others to think beyond traditional mediums and preconceived ideas. 

Describe your normal day. 
Sleep until noon, get up and play with the dog, knock out any admin stuff that I need to, spend a couple of hours goofing off on the computer, start working around 4pm, go to bed around 4am. *Ideally*... there would be Dr. Pepper and sushi delivery in there  2-3 times a day

What are your passions? 
I love to read comics and watch pointless reality shows. Other than that.... I am all about building my company, House of Smash, with the hopes that I am creating something that my daughter, Grace, can segway into.  

Any goals? 
Neighborhood domination! I just don't know which neighborhood and in what town.  Also, I'd love to have my picture taken with every version of Rodin's "the Thinker" and/or "Hell's Gate" sculpture. They are all located in the most interesting places, so if I saw them all, I'd have had an incredibly fulfilled life of travel.

Who are your creative influences?
What a question... HISTORICALLY.... Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison,  Nikola Tesla (all brilliant minds that were centuries ahead of their times) GLOBALLY.... Banksy, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rothko LOCALLY... I am in awe of Christian Millet's talent and ability to produce art. His sheer volume of work pushes me to work harder and faster, but keep the same level of quality.

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what you do?
When I was 17, my folks let me fly to Austin to spend the weekend with my girlfriend who went to UT. Aside from the questionable parenting (LOL), it was an eye-opening trip for me. Just in a leisurely stroll down Guadalupe and Congress streets, I was exposed to so many different styles of art. I credit that trip with developing my love for street art.  

Who inspires you?
Morrissey. This guy has lived the last 25 years in the spotlight. He's been lauded and destroyed in the media. Yet... he still lives his life on his terms. He's got a cult-like following w/o having to campaign for it. And he knows he has the power to sway a considerable amount of people, but chooses to live a relatively secluded life.

How do you summon your muse? 
The Pixies. Seriously. Listen to their music and you can't help but want to do something creative.  

What motivates you on a daily basis? 
My biggest motivation tends to be financial deadlines, the electricity bill, rent, car payment, etc... But my guilty pleasure would have to be Skittles and Arizona Green Tea. I will make sure I have those handy when I am working to give me something to work towards, before I take a break, and to savor until I am finished for the day/night.  

What's your working style?
It  completely depends on the day. I prefer to work from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep. That's not always possible, but I do try to work efficiently and consistently

What are your websites/social networking links?
Personally, I have my facebook page and twitter (@nixjohnson). With House of Smash, I have more., twitter (@houseofsmash), and the Etsy page (

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