Thursday, October 6, 2011

Other Creative Souls: Liz London

As a creative person, it fascinates me to learn how other like-minded souls tick. Thanks for joining me today to pick the brain of Artist Liz London.  Liz and I are working together on the collaborative art effort known as "The Seven Project" and I have been a fan of her collages for some time. Here is her story.

Liz London

Current City/Hometown:
Dallas,TX/Oklahoma City, OK

Education: University of Central Oklahoma, Bachelor Of Arts/Public Relations

Describe your work in one sentence. 
My artwork is about being in the present moment and telling a story about that particular time in space.
Describe your normal day. 
Get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee and some breakfast. Go into my art room/studio and get busy into my art and design projects and go non stop until something interrupts me.

What are your passions? 
Recycling junk, recycling period, World Peace and helping others.

What are your goals? 
To eventually sell enough art and or prints to start a up another business that provides intuitive art workshops throughout the U.S and then the world. Finish my book of stories related to my art pieces.
Who are your creative influences? 
Warhol, Rauschenberg, Picasso
Everything is relevant and shaped who I am today and what I do. Everything is important

How do you summon your muse? 
My muse is at my beckon call. All I have to do is get into the ‘flow’ and it is there or here with me!

What are your websites/social networking links?

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