Monday, October 4, 2010

You Know What You Want

24" x 28"
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas

"Some people say they don't know what they want.
They're lying.
You always know what you want.
You may not want to admit it, though, not even to yourself.
When you state what you want, you then either have to start making it happen
or you hav to start making excuses for it not happening.
Sometimes it's just easier to say you don't know what you want.
But that's a lie.
You do know.
So admit it.
No one is looking.
No one is listening.
So, what do you want?"

~ Joe Viatale, 
LIfe's Missing Instrustion Manual
I love this excerpt. And I love this book.  How powerful. 

I recently experienced a "want" that I realize will bring me exactly where I want to be was one of those "aha" ideas that popped into my head when I wasn't even trying and now I can't seem to stop obsessing over it. If only there were 8 days in the week, or 12 extra hours in a day, I could make it happen in a few months, but being a mom of three ages four and under--and actually enjoying my precious children--is my priority.  Not to mention Fall schedules, activities, volunteer commitments and all the other "essential" errands that seem to occupy much of my days.  (Yes, I really did need to go to Whole Earth Provisions today and buy those purple corduroy Tom' was crucial...or was it procrastination at its finest?)

So, I am putting my goal in the long-term range and in the mean time using what is left of my free time to start helping the stars align.  I am so excited. Sorry to keep the idea shrouded in mystery, but I really feel like it's just not ready to be revealed yet. 

The term "slowly but surely" simply isn't how I roll....I like to run--fast. I'm an impulse shopper. I yell a lot more than I would like to.  What can I say? I'm a red-blooded Sicilian woman.  But, this new idea will need to be nurtured so I ask for your patience and encouragement as I continue painting, and teaching art, and expressing myself creatively, and working on a completely unique way unite these passions. Let me take it back to old school 80's hip hop and quote Rakim: "I'm thinkin of a Mastter plan..."

So, what do you want?

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