Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: ART is ART and Mother/Daughter Owners, Carrie Jepsen and Renata Holder

Today's feature spotlights ART is ART, a unique gem on Henderson. ART is ART is a mother-daughter owned furniture/artwork/accessories shop, located east of 75, that was voted “Best Art Support” by Dallas Observer and “Best Consignment Store” by Dallas Voice.

ART is ART consignment gallery
2811 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX 75206
Tues. - Sat. 11 to 5:30, Sun. Noon to 5 (Closed Mon.)

Tell us about your work.

At ART is ART consignment gallery in Dallas, the main focus is spring-boarding talented, local artists by showcasing their original, modern artwork at surprisingly comfortable prices. While absorbing, customers will also discover contemporary and vintage furniture and accessories, as well as individualistic, hand-crafted jewelry and pottery.

What would your *ideal* day be like?

We love a day when we get new furniture and artwork on consignment, and we get to rearrange the store to incorporate the new pieces. Renata's day job as a commercial interior designer makes this an easy task. We love to arrange in such a way that our customers can envision the items in their spaces. Ideally, clients are inspired to buy multiple pieces that work well together, and they feel good about supporting local artists in the process. It's a win-win for everyone! OH, and we love days when the local celebs pop in! Wentworth Miller, star of Prison Break, chose ART is ART to hunt for a gift for Ellen DeGeneres. NBC's weather gal, Samantha Davies, did a little browsing. Kelly Clarkson bought art and furniture, and yes, she sings while she shops! Kellie Rasberry of the "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show" did her Christmas shopping for Kidd and bought him a cool painting by artist, Debb ie Simms! Kellie is super sweet in person, and boy is she tall!

Renata Holder, Kellie Rasberry and Carrie Jepsen

What are your passions?

At ART is ART, we're passionate about supporting our local artists and helping them receive the attention they deserve. Their work is so breath-taking! We're also passionate about offering a wide range of inventory that accommodates any shopper's budget.

What are your goals?
We plan to continue to grow our business like crazy and increase the promotion of our fabulously-talented, local artists. We're excited about the future of ART is ART, and we hope to continue to be the buzz of the town. We've won "Best Of" titles from the Observer and twice from Dallas Voice! We'll keep hosting eventslike our annual "Candlelight Walk on Henderson" every November that involves tons of shops on Henderson staying open late and offering discounts, munchies and bevs. Crowds of people enjoy shopping up and down the street, while getting a jump on their holiday gift buying!

Renata and Carrie hosting the "Candlelight Walk on Henderson" November 2009.

Who are your creative influences?
We typically showcase 15-20 different artists from the Dallas area, and they continue to blow us away! We constantly keep our walls filled, and we're inspired by their artwork every day.

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what you do?
ART is ART is owned by Renata and Carrie, a mother-daughter team. Renata is an artist and partner in a design firm. Carrie is a budding artist with a background in advertising. They get along well and often desired starting a creative business together. Thus, ART is ART was born. Doors opened in 2004 on Lower Greenville. It began as a contemporary furniture and accessories shop with a touch of local artwork. After eight months, the store was forced to close due to the tear-down and construction of retail/apartments, which was just as well because the location wasn’t quite right. A year later, ART is ART reopened on Oram St. at Skillman and evolved into a more eclectic atmosphere. Within a short timeframe, the wealth of local, artistic talent began to present itself. Jewelry designers got in on the action, and retro furniture and complements were added to the mix. Two years later, the decision was made to scout out a more visible, hip location. On September 1, 2007, ART is ART relocated to Henderson Ave. Finally … the perfect fit! Third time’s a charm. Locals agree that it’s the absolute, casual dig for right-brain stimulation.

What are your web sites/social networking links? Connect with us on under ART is ART consignment, and follow us on Facebook under Artisart Consignments.

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