Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Kay Wood

I love artists who are not afraid of a little color. Artist Kay Wood explains her unique colorful style, dubbed "X-Generation Primitive".

"My name is Kay Wood and I am presently living in the Austin Texas Hill Country area, on a cattle ranch which was originally won in a poker game in the 1930's. I have a B.S. Degree in computer sciences with minors in Math and Psychology from Denver University (I originally pursued a degree in Fine Arts from Loretto Heights College in Denver Colorado - but gave into pressure to build money making skills for a better future.) There is a link between technology, music and art as it all uses the same side of the brain anyway!

I represent landscapes, interesting architecture, reflections and fun situations in my work which style has been called 'x-generation primitive', I've just recently begun accepting commission work so "You Travel, I'll paint it for you".

In a normal day, I spend my time taking care of domestic duties, do freelance I.T. Support work for Websites/Portals and Networking activities and spend about an hour painting. The ideal day would be focused painting, meeting with people and business for commission work, preparing for festival or gallery shows and distributing prints and images of my work for commercial and private use.

I am passionate about the environment, efficient land management, locally grown food and gardening. My goals for the future include distributing my work through gallery shows, festivals and the internet.

My creative influences are: Hieronymus Bosch, Don Holman and Paul Klee. I look up to Kathy Womak, a local artist who has built a successful business out of her talent and aspire to do the same.

I am obsessively motivated and have an unstoppable drive to create, it doesn't take much to get me going on a concept or idea, and I can't stop until I capture an idea. My one guilty pleasure for motivation would be an empty (of people) and clean work space with good music.

My natural working style is to camp-in to my work space for entire days on end, but unfortunately (or fortunately), my family/friends interfere with that tendency so at present I schedule time in to work and meet commission deadlines.

You can follow my daily painting blog at"

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