Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Other Creative Soul: Sonia Semone

This week's feature highlights Sonia Semone, a local artist who is also dedicated to promoting other artists, art galleries and art events through the Dallas Fine Arts Examiner. Her show at Cafe Izmir on Greenville opens June 3.

Sonia Semone



Tell me about your work in one sentence.

Describe your normal day.
I paint a few days out of the week. Less than I used to. My ideal day would be vacationing somewhere wonderful with my family.

What are your passions?
Art, Travel, Food -- I am a serious foodie

What are your goals?
My goal in life is to be happy and not to sweat the small stuff. I also want to be as kind as I can to people.

Who are your creative influences?
People do not influence me creatively. The world around me does.

Are there any other relevant experiences that shaped who you are today and what you do?
Many. Every path I have chosen has been set by experiences. I think an important thing to remember is that we are all people. A door is just a door and it really has no power to keep people in or out.

Is there anyone that you really look up to as an inspiration?
Not that I really look up to-- but I would definitely have a drink with a few. I just watched Robin Hood, Russell Crowe might be on the list.

What motivates you on a daily basis?
I have an inner drive to do the things I want, this propels me in certain directions. Do you have a "guilty pleasure" that you can't miss out on to get you going? Chocolate, Chocolate, and Chocolate. I'll take one, two, or all three please.

What's your working style?
I work consistently until I am done. If that means I am a maniac for 24 hours, then so be it.

What are your websites/social networking links?

That's a quite a few ;)

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