Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Boys

Yes, my older son (4 in Feb.) is wearing a space suit with cowboy boots.
And there's a Superman shirt underneath.
Because when you're almost four, you can wear what you want.

These cold Winter days seem slower with everyone out of school for Christmas. Sweeter. Even my boys, who go just twice a week, are enjoying their down time. We spent a lazy morning sleeping in, snuggling and working on some canvases. The studio was too frosty, so we set up camp right by the Christmas tree.

I love to watch them create. That place of freedom from which it comes is somewhere completely pure. 

It comes from their hearts, filled only with love. 

I wish I could keep them this little forever.


  1. Love that Callum! Tell him he can wear a space outfit and cowboy boots even when he is 25! Love his devotion to his 'style'! I bet your home is super it! xoxo

  2. Love u , Sally! Yes, we are always into something over here. My only rule is, "no eating the art supplies".


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