Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tales of Genji

RIP Helen Frankenthaler. 
One of the first Artists to profoundly impact my work.
Your beautiful paintings will live on. 
Such a great pioneer for women Artists.

An awesome clip from her obit...just makes me love her even more:
Ms. Frankenthaler's passion for dancing was more than fulfilled in 1985 when, at a White House dinner to honor the Prince and Princess of Wales, she was partnered with a fast stepper who had been twirling the princess.
"I'd waited a lifetime for a dance like this," she wrote in a 1997 Op-Ed article for The New York Times. "He was great!"
His name meant nothing to her until, on returning to her New York studio, she showed her assistant and a friend his card. "John Travolta," it read.

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