Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Prayer for Little Children

Last week a family in our community lost their newborn daughter unexpectedly. It is in the wake of this loss, in a grief I cannot comprehend, that we can only be comforted knowing that God is so much greater than us, and He has a 
plan for all. 

Our souls are not of this Earth.

The moments with our very young children are gifts for us to see through their eyes that life is precious and beauitful. In many ways, they are our angels so much more than we are 
My daughter on Halloween.
A prayer for little Molly Mae and all children of the world:

Flowers of Life, children are. 
Their perfume fills the Earth with joy,
Their shine draws us closer to our own essence,
Their tender beauty reminds us of the purity of Creation,
Their need of care and protection opens our hearts.
Vulnerable and innocent,
These little miracles have the power to transform our world,
And the World.
They are our hope, our future and our meaning.
May they always be protected.

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