Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Woman's Work

10" x 24"
(3 panels, 8" x 10" each)
Acrylic, Wire, Ink and Plaster Gauze on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This triptych piece is a very personal expression of my views of womanhood and motherhood. I was listening to Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" in the studio, hence the title, and I can't help but be overcome with emotion every time I hear this inspirational song. Current condition aside, it always makes me think of that movie "She's Having a Baby" with Kevin Bacon, and more recently the piece that Tyce D'Orio choreographed about battling breast cancer on So You Think You Can Dance. Powerful stuff.

I used wire and plaster gauze to create some wonderful texture on this piece, it is so inviting to the touch. I think each panel is interesting on its own:

"This Woman's Work" Lyrics:
Pray God You Can Cope
I'll Stand Outside
This Woman's Work
This Woman's Worth
Ooh, It's Hard On A Man
Now His Part Is Over
Now Starts The Craft... Of The Father

I Know You've Got A Litte Life In You Yet
I Know You've Got A Lot Of Strength Left
I Know You've Got A Little Life In You Yet
I Know You've Got A Lot Of Strength Left

I Should Be Crying But I Just Can't Let It Show,
I Should Hoping But I Can't Stop Thinking,
All The Things We Should've Said That I Never Said,
All The Things We Should Have Done That We Never Did,
All The Things We Should've Given But I Didn't,
Oh Darling Make It Go,
Make It Go Away...

Give Me These Moments,
Give Them Back To Me,
Give Me A Little Kiss,
Give Me Your Hand Baby

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